Hello Nexus One

Another 'hello' site, I ordered a nexus 1 within hours of it going live, it arrived about a week later, here is my ongoing review blog.

I think aside from games, android is pretty much ‘there’ now with having all the essential apps. Now Unity 3D is available for android (as well as iPhone) i suspect alot of 3D games to start appearing in the market in the next couple of months.

Now if cocos2D was ported too.. :)

Auto Updating

Oh Froyo just auto updated Twidroyd pro in my pocket by the power of magic, unicorn and frozen yoghurt. The auto update apps is a great feature, probably brought on by the sheer pain of the previous individual app updates required.

i love swype, warning - after updating to 2.2 you have to uninstall and reinstall.

UPDATE, that was my first go on it. you don’t actually have to select the choice, just keep on swyping. 

info here


Hello Swype, I’m smitten.  Ok, I’d heard some buzz about the closed beta, but now swype is an open beta, if you have an android phone GO GET IT NOW. It’s more magical than the iPad.  A true delight.  It takes a few goes to start to ‘get it’ but after a couple of tweets you start to rock it. This is a low fi video, with all the beginners mistakes I’m making.  No great quality but enough to show the power.

It’s way more accurate than voice input, and you don’t have to make a fool of yourself as its as private as a normal keyboard.  And you can use the Swype keyboard like a normal one, ideal for email addresses/passwords etc. Some iPhone experts can beat a novice Swype user (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bet1H1hC4VY) but for the rest of us Swype give speed and accuracy without dexterous digits. 

Few things come along and make you go WOW. When I showed it to my wife her response was “How are you doing that!”  True Magic.

I hope it makes it on to ALL touch phones, c’mon apple. I believe it is coming to windows 7 phone.  


In the war of cool, strike up another victory to Android. Slightly illegal, but hugely fun, is this mario live wallpaper, mario automatically romps though several levels in the background while you, erm well do nothing but gawp and pay respect to the developer. 

It’s in the android market for free, only for 2.1/2.2 android (the others don’t support live wallpaper)

Shown here on a nexus one running stock 2.1 update 1.

Here’s Drop 7 on the nexus one, it’s now on android market - found in the ‘just in’ section of all games, it’s on 500-1000 downloads at the moment. I expect that to rocket, come on google stick it as a featured app. And best of all it’s FREE. (£1.79 on app store.) Not sure how it compares graphically to the iPhone/iPod version as I haven’t played that.

It is an addictive game, I was initially not interested as I assumed it was some sort of suduko type thing, but it’s not. If you like falling block puzzle’s you’ll love this.

Google buzz is now on mobile google maps on android (also on iPhone - though I can’t find it on mine, suspect I need to update something).  This was an update to v4.0.0 via the android market, the notification was there this morning, and I installed it on my train into work.  Here’s a quick walk though.

Here is the online version of the buzz i show:


Also I discovered labs is there now too. (though maybe i just had not noticed it before.)

One thing that bugs me is missing album art, mp3’s purchases at iTMS/Amazon have the art embedded fine, but any CD’s you rip end up with a boring grey icon.  The music player is made to work with images.  This app in the app store I mean android market sorts you out and is super easy to use. Well worth the £1.29 I think it was.

new google with buzz

Installing it now on the training into work.T hough buzz hasn’t rolled out to MT gmail on the web yet.

Mystery Icon, anyone know what this means? I tried giving it a shake to see if something magical would happen - but guess only the iPad is magic ;)

Multitouch is out there, at last, not just for iPhones.  Works a treat, theres some fumbling in the video, though i was watching what i was doing though the video not the phone directly,  Occasionally the browser scrolls rather than zooms. iPhone has similar issues.

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